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Workouts and 16-Week Appointment

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Christmas is coming so quickly!


We are headed back to Berks County on Friday for a week of family and friend festivities. I am so excited. My parents host Christmas Eve for the family, so there will be around 25 people at our house along with kielbasa, pierogies, spicy beef, cookies…. all the good stuff! But before we can get carried away with that, we have to finish laundry, pack, go to my 16-week baby appointment (yea!), and get those last few workouts in.


Yesterday I did 2.5 pyramid miles on the treadmill. Basically, I start at a relatively easy pace (yesterday was 5.6 miles/hour) and with every song I increase the speed by .2. After the halfway point in my run, I start going down .2 with every song. The hope was to do 3+ miles while Riley napped, but she woke up ridiculously early and I watched her toss, turn and cry on the monitor for the last five minutes, hoping she’d go back to sleep. No such luck.

I am learning with this pregnancy more than ever before that just getting some running in is better than none at all. It has been a hard thing to embrace, but it also lifts a lot of stress from my shoulders. I used to never, never run less than 3 miles because to me that didn’t count as a run, but now I am happy with a 2-mile run. Or at least okay with it. I’d be lying to say I don’t wish I was still running farther, but I’m working my way back up while at the same time knowing that my running will decrease as this pregnancy progress. It feels like running uphill with a headwind, the head wind may lighten, but the hill grows steeper. Or the hill may even out, but the headwind blows harder. At least I am running more consistently than I have been in months.

Today I did my prenatal yoga video. It’s a pretty good session and I do get a decent workout from it. the only down side is that I get bored after a while. I’m not sure that the video is to blame, however, because I easily get bored in gentle yoga classes. The slow movements are hard for me and I get fidgety. Something to work on. Riley woke up screaming before I got to finish that, too. Maybe she just doesn’t want me to workout without her?


As I mentioned above, tomorrow is my 16-week prenatal appointment. I am excited, but also so nervous! I heard the baby’s heartbeat at my 12-week appointment- a healthy 160 bpm- and when I asked the doctor when I could start breathing easier about my miscarriage worries, she told me that the 12-week point was a good time. I am still afraid, though, that something is going to go wrong at the appointment. Riley keeps me so occupied that I can forget that I’m pregnant, then I worry when I don’t feel pregnant or can’t decide if my bump is growing like it should. I’m a stress mess during pregnancy, especially the early months.

I will say, I’m pretty sure that 80% of my bump is Christmas cookies! Open-mouthed smile Hopefully, the doctor won’t hold that against me! haha

I don’t think that I’ll post again before the holiday, so I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas! Enjoy your family and friends and don’t forget the reason for the season!


Happy Holidays!


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