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Welcome to Summer Weather Running!

This weekend showcased some gorgeous weather out here in the Burgh! But along with that, came some…adjustments…in my running. I had a 10- to 12-miler scheduled for Saturday and was debating running around the neighborhood (hillier) or on the trail (flatter, though not flat). I ended up going with the trail because of its convenient porta john stops.

I woke up around 8:45 and was on the trail by 10:20, which for me to be ready that quickly is unheard of. I usually take 2+ hours of waking up, getting up, and eating before I make my way outside. It was a pretty nice run, not too many complaints. Plenty of porta john stops because my mind was messing with me, but whatever. I went a mile passed the furthest I’ve gone on the trail before, which meant exploring! I got to run down a steep hill and up some very, very shallow steps. I also got to run along a train track for a mile or so before stopping and turning around.

Sunny skies, country music, and the faint smell of the beach...running bliss

Sunny skies, country music, and the faint smell of the beach…running bliss

Stop and enjoy the turnaround point

Stop and enjoy the turnaround point

It wasn’t a bad run and I actually quite enjoyed it, but it was hot and I was tired and sluggish. To the point of walking a little and actually just all out stopping and sitting on a bench at one point. I’m not sure what my deal was. I didn’t start out too fast. I think the heat, quitting a medication on Friday (it was making my stomach totally haywire), and Friday’s eats (not exactly healthy) were making me sluggish. I was also battling the usual stomach-ness, where if I stretch my body too much or run at a certain pace, my intestines get all cranky and I need to walk, pause, or find a porta john asap. Which feels a little like cheating to me, but there’s nothing I can do about it except push through and just run the best that I can.

I dont care what that says, it was hotter than that!

I dont care what that says, it was hotter than that!

Anyway, like I said, I actually enjoyed the run. I was glad I did 12 miles because I went into it only anticipating 10. I’m running the Heartbreak Hill Half in Boston next week with my friend Danielle. I had big goals for this race, but honestly, I got cocky after running Knoxville and undertrained like woah. One (dreadful, stomach-sick, walk-filled) 8-miler, two 10-milers and Saturday’s 12-miler were my longest runs and most of the others hovered in the 3-4 range (with a fun fantastic 6-miler thrown in one mid-week). Still I’m hoping that the hills I run will help me out for Boston. My shorter runs haven’t even been that fast, I’m now realizing. I’m pretty much screwed for this race. Oops. Live and learn, I guess!

So, Danielle, if you’re reading this, be ready for my turtle pace on Sunday!

The weekend as a whole was just amazing. After running, Dave and I explored the Tanger Outlets and I found some great deals, though perhaps too many. (I’m looking at you, J.Crew!) For dinner, we bought the Blue Moon summer case and grilled up steak, potatoes and veggies and ate al fresco, hanging out on our patio until 10, then going inside and watching American Hustle. It turned out to be pretty great! Sunday, we went to mass and had brunch before Dave packed and had to leave for a business trip. Which is fun for a while, but then gets lonely. I countered the loneliness with Chinese takeout for dinner and a lot of cleaning while watching reruns of Castle.

How was your weekend? Did you log any good miles, fast or slow, hot or cool?


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