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Weekend in the Rearview

Hey, it’s Monday!

I’m not going to pretend to be one of those perky people who just loves Mondays and says “HappyMonday!”

No. I am just not that person.


I had a dream last night that it was Saturday night and I didn’t have to work today. How cruel is that? But anyway, let’s talk about the weekend because I had one of those beautiful, rare weekends where everything just went even better than according to plan.

Friday night, Mike, Dave and I went out to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza for dinner. I don’t have any pictures, but trust me when I say it was delicious. We split a large salad and a meatball ricotta pizza. Yum! Mike came back to our place afterward (Mike and Dave were roomies before I moved to Pittsburgh, btw) where we chilled and watched Nick Offerman’s stand up comedy.

Saturday, I woke up to the sound of thunder and pouring rain. Love it! J We had an easy morning involving Funfetti waffles, blueberries and bacon. Again, no photos. Super blogger fail. You’ll have to trust me on the level of the deliciousness for these, too! (Uh, hi, bacon, how could it not be delicious?)

We headed down to the Tanger Outlets for a little spring/summer clothes shopping since there were some great sales and no Memorial Day crowds. I got a few shirts, 2 sweaters, a maxi skirt and this cute dress. Overall, I’d say success!


We headed to Barnes and Noble afterward to pick up some tour books for our vacation that’s coming up in just a few weeks! Yea!! Stay tuned to learn about where we’re headed!

When we got home, we had dinner which was a mess of leftovers. I threw a hodge podge of things intoFriday’s night salad leftovers.


We took a little nap while some laundry went through the wash cycle, then, ended the night watching Sherlock Holmes –the one with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

Sunday morning started with mass, then a visit to a little bakery near church called Batter and Dough Company. We’d never been there before, but we will definitely go back! The owner’s mom was running the shop that day and gave us a little intro- all the sweets are made with real ingredients, like real butter, and are made fresh daily. Although, since it was Sunday and they’re closed the next two days, the cupcakes/cookies were made on Saturday. But that didn’t deter us! We got a filled chocolate cherry cupcake and filled white chocolate raspberry cupcake. Then, because the lady has a good heart, she gave us a speckled velvet cupcake for free. (Speckled velvet is red velvet with chocolate chips in the icing and cake).


Before we indulged in our treats, Dave came with me on a run. I haven’t run in 4 weeks (?!) for reasons I’ll explain at a later date, so we started with a half mile walk and then kept an easy pace for the run.



When we got to the park, we took some time to stop and swing!



Fun Fact: When we dated in high school, we used to go on walks around our neighborhood and would often ended up on the swings at a local park.

To round out the fitness portion of the day, we did a 25 minute yoga video when we got home. It was free on Amazon with a Prime membership.


Lunch, nap (I love my weekend naps!), and a TON of laundry folding followed while Dave did some computer gaming and grocery shopping. Vacuuming and general house cleaning, etc, etc. Then we made this delicious dinner and sat out on the patio until sunset.


We ended the weekend with a few early episodes of Castle and turned in early. It was such a blissful, calm weekend. I’m so glad that I finally got out on the road again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start building some mileage back up!

I hope you all have a great week!

What did you do this weekend?


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