Running On Average

The Cold, The Warm, and The Rain

I wrote an entire post and then deleted it. #EpicFail

Saturday it was still cold, but warm enough and with nice enough weather that I got to run outside. WOO!!! I did 13+ miles at a 9:51 pace. My goal was to keep a 10:00-10:20 pace, according to my training schedule, but the pace I kept felt really great. I didn’t get tired until mile 11.5, but I finished strong so I’m happy.

Starting the run:


I ran mainly on the roads, which were pretty clear except for some icy/slushy patches. I ran on the paths a bit, but they were pretty snow-covered so it was little agility game!


While I was running, Dave cleaned the floors because he’s awesome like that, so I took my shoes off right as I got inside the door. Dave felt the need to snap this picture. I should get a modeling job.


Yesterday, I did some upper body strength work and then ran 3 easy recovery miles outside, in the daylight! It was warm(ish) and I was so stinking happy. The lake was still frozen on top which was neat, but I think the ducks and swans were annoyed. haha


BONUS!! I busted out a new pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s!! They are my favorite color and made my run a gazillion times more exciting.


I had 7 miles on the schedule for today, but my body is tired and my colitis is flaring and it’s raining, so I am relaxing tonight and picking it up again tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Now, I’ll leave you with this adorable picture of my nephews, making their aunt proud!



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