Running On Average

July Workout Recap

Hi again! So I know it’s not technically the end of July YET, but Dave and I are driving back to Berks County tomorrow, so I won’t be doing anything except working and snoozing in a car.

With baby and starting Humira for ulcerative colitis (more on that later), my workouts have been super scattered the past few months. Like, some weeks I wouldn’t workout at all. Hello, dear pillow, my friend, let’s just snuggle….

Finally, in July I decided, all right, I want to start up again. I want a healthy and ACTIVE pregnancy. Especially since my probably too lofty goal is to run a marathon next June. So here’s a recap of July and my attempts to get back at it.

July 1-7 (Wednesday to Tuesday)


Run, Bike…Yoga?

Well hey there! How’s it going in your neck of the woods?

I was flying solo for dinner tonight, so I did it right.

Salad and wine and blogging

Salad and wine and blogging

Yesterday I did a short and fast (for me) 3 miles, blazing through some crazy humidity. I was aiming for 4-5 miles, but my stomach crapped out on me right at the 3 mile mark, so I walked home and that was that. What The Heck?! I thought I was improving and it’s starting to feel like I’m just regressing now! Last Thursday, the same thing happened. I ran 5 miles, but was so SO uncomfortable and had to stop 3 times. I’m so frustrated by this.

On a positive note, I kept an 8:19 pace yesterday even with hills and humidity so that made me feel good. #upside

But seriously.

But seriously.

Is it just me, or is anyone else sometimes incredibly grateful when are crossing a busy street, but have to stop and wait for some cars to pass? Sometimes I hate it because I’m going and in a groove, but yesterday it was a nice little pause for a couple cars. 😛

Since I have a race this weekend, I’m not lifting this week and I’m already going a bit stir crazy. I feel lazy! And squishy. I usually lift 3x a week and play volleyball one. I’m in an intramural company league that started the week of my Knoxville race. Convenient! We are somehow in the playoffs, so this will be the last week of it. Which is sad, but means that my Thursday lunch hour is now free so I can take the lunchtime yoga class that I’ve wanted to try since I started working here. Hurray!


When Dave and I went home Memorial Day weekend, he hooked up a bike rack to his car and we brought our bikes back to Pittsburgh with us. I haven’t ridden consistently since I was…oh about 11, but now that we have a flat bike trail nearby I’m stoked to pick it up again. It definitely won’t replace my running, but will be another great cross training activity. Maybe one day I’ll do a duathalon….

Hopefully we’ll get to start next week, once my race is over and things settle down a bit.

Ready to ride!

Ready to ride!

Speaking of which, what are some must-see places in Boston? And by must-see I mean interesting, easy to get to, and inexpensive free?

Week Review

The last time I ran a marathon I was lazy and did little to no weight training. I’m pretty certain that had a lot to do with my butt hurting SO BAD and my back basically feeling like all the vertebrae collapsed onto each other around mile 21.


Yelling “This sucks SO BAD!” at mile 20. Not pretty at all.

So this time around I’m incorporating 3 days a week of weight training in the hopes that it will prevent those issues and improve my overall experience. Here’s what my week looked like.

Ran 3.1 miles at 9:35 pace on the treadmill. Easy-peasy.

Leg Day!
3×10 squats
3×10 calf press
3×10 leg extension
3×10 leg curls (not too sure if that’s the legit name)
3×10 of this spiffy little exercise: Prop yourself on your right elbow. With your legs straight, rest your left leg on a weight bench. Then lift your lower leg up to the bottom of the bench and lower it back down to the ground. Switch sides. It’s a great workout! I’ll try to provide pictures later.

Chest and Tris
3×10 bench press
3×10 tricep extension
3×10 tri raises
3×10 pec dec
5 mile speed interval treadmill workout (averaged a 9:20 pace…workout to come!)

3 miles easy treamill at 9:32 pace

Back and Bis
3×10 lateral pulldowns
3×10 rows
3×10 shoulder raises
3×10 e-z bar curls
3×10 inverted back extension (with weight)
3×10 (each side) obliques on the same machine used as back extension (with weight)

The weights schedule is staying basically the same for now, but the runs will obviously be getting longer. I’m never sure why marathon and half marathon training plans always start out running SO LITTLE, even when you say how many weekly miles you already do. But I’m not expert yet so I’m sticking with it (for now!). We’ll see how it works.

In other fun news, I learned yesterday why Starbucks cups say “do not microwave” on them. The burn. Like, legitimately burn.

photo 3


I can’t blame Starbucks because it definitely warned me, I’m just glad it didn’t get out of hand or set off the fire alarm at work. New girl setting off the fire alarm? Probably not a good start. It kind of smelled like burnt sugar, which I thought was weird until it was pointed out to me that my drink did in fact contain sugar. DUH.