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European Adventure Part 3: Lucerne and Switzerland

If you missed the other parts of mine and Dave’s European adventure, check them out here:

Part 1: Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Part 2: Munich and Bavaria

We spent our last few days of vacation in Lucerne, Switzerland, right at the base of the Swiss Alps.



European Adventure Part 2: Munich and Bavaria

Before I get into Europe: Part 2, I just have to say that Alaska was AMAZING.

And Dave and I are officially homeowners. NBD.

But now, back to Europe.

If you missed Part One, check it out here: Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Our next stop after Amsterdam was Munich, Germany. We took a flight in and then, after a bit of detective work and language guessing, we made our way on the train to our hotel. We stayed at another NH hotel and this one was even better than Amsterdam. Although there were two twin beds (pregnant me secretly enjoyed this), we were on the 12th floor and had a spectacular view of old city Munich.


European Adventure Part 1: Amsterdam and the Netherlands

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Since Dave and I are leaving on vacation number two on Friday, I supposed I should at least post about some of our European vacation! We booked the tickets about a week before I found out I was pregnant so it turned into a babymoon! Unfortunately that meant I couldn’t drink and had to watch what I ate, but we still lived it up.

To keep these posts from getting too out of hand, I’m splitting the vacation into three parts by country. First up, The Netherlands!