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Our Big Announcement

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You might recall in my last post that I said new challenges and excitement lay ahead in 2017. Well there was one big one I had in mind….

We are having another baby!


Riley looks all smiley and excited, but I think she knows change is coming. Or else my toddler has suddenly just decided to be super snuggly for no reason. Winking smile

Baby #2 is due in early June which puts us at 15 weeks as of Saturday. We are so incredibly excited to grow our family even more.

Baby even wore his/her first bib on Thanksgiving! Smile


Flipping Fun Turkey Run 5k, an annual tradition with my mom

I feel like I have (mostly) been less worried this pregnancy, although I’ve still done plenty of worrying- my husband and sister keep threatening to disconnect my internet. As with Riley, I managed to avoid morning sickness- don’t hate me!- but have been ridiculously tired. Weeks 6-10 have been the worst both times, and I did not work out at all those 4-5 weeks. I know a lot of moms say that working out gives them an energy boost, but I couldn’t even get the energy to start. So the process back into fitness the past five weeks has been a slow one, and definitely a different experience. I was in the middle of marathon training when I got pregnant with Riley; this time, my running was scattered at best and most of my energy was going to chasing a baby who discovered crawling and walking…and climbing stairs. I’m trying to be patient with myself and my body!

How did you mamas cope with exercise during pregnancy? I know there are all ends of the spectrum out there and I’d love to hear it all!


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    January 2, 2017

    Okay I’m obviously way behind, but congratulations!! I wish you luck keeping up with excercising during this pregnancy! That’s my goal as well for whenever I get pregnant again. First time around I was so sick for the first 7 months, running and exercising was very limited. All I could do was walk, but even that felt too tiring most days. The unpredictable rollercoaster of pregnancy astounds me. Congrats again!

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      January 3, 2017

      Thank you so much! Pregnancy is a crazy ride and all you can do is the best that you can. Being sick for 7 months sounds awful, I’m impressed you got any exercise in. Hopefully it will be easier for you the next time around. 🙂

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