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July Workout Recap

Hi again! So I know it’s not technically the end of July YET, but Dave and I are driving back to Berks County tomorrow, so I won’t be doing anything except working and snoozing in a car.

With baby and starting Humira for ulcerative colitis (more on that later), my workouts have been super scattered the past few months. Like, some weeks I wouldn’t workout at all. Hello, dear pillow, my friend, let’s just snuggle….

Finally, in July I decided, all right, I want to start up again. I want a healthy and ACTIVE pregnancy. Especially since my probably too lofty goal is to run a marathon next June. So here’s a recap of July and my attempts to get back at it.

July 1-7 (Wednesday to Tuesday)

Walking around Europe like a champ. Seriously, I wish I had worn my Garmin, because on the days I tracked my mileage on my phone, we were averaging around 6-10 miles a day just tourist-ing.


July 10 (Friday)

Prenatal yoga. I got the at-home DVDs to try out since I haven’t done yoga consistently since moving to the Burgh and wasn’t sure how far to push my limit’s with a munchkin growing. While these workouts are relaxing, honestly I feel like I could do so much more. So I use these as gentle stretching more than an actual workout.

July 12 (Sunday)

3.5 mile run, baby! Outside in the heat and humidity. But it really wasn’t that bad. And I felt sooooo great afterward.


Baby bumpin!

July 13 (Monday)

Nike Training Club. I’ve used this app a few times on the “advanced” setting, but I set myself back to beginner until I work myself back up to a comfortable spot. I loooooove this app! I did it on my lunch break at work and even though I chose the 30 minute option, I still worked up a good sweat.


July 16 (Thursday)

3.1 mile run. I ran this on the Montour Trail and had some serious issues the first mile and a half. Like, my belly felt like it was going to split open, right down the center. Any other mamas experience that? So I walked until the turnaround and stopped at a porta john. The run back was great- I even did a sub 9-minute mile!! (the first one since…..March?)

July 18 (Saturday)

Yoga Block Party! Wooo! A local yoga studio paired up with a local Pure Barre to create a free fusion class in a park in Mt. Lebanon. It was a gorgeous, albeit hot as balls, morning for the class and a great variation from my usual workout.


July 21 (Tuesday)

Another Nike Training Club session.

July 23 (Thursday)

3.1 mile treadmill run. I kept this one relatively easy, although I did do a ladder on pace. Up .2 every song for the first half, down .2 the second half, with some strides at the end. Felt sooooo good.

July 25 (Saturday)

My birthday!! Okay, okay, I didn’t workout, but Dave and I helped some friends pack up to move (read: we bought their washer/dryer off them, went out to lunch, and made s’mores….but we did help them, too.)

July 27 (Monday)

Another 3.1 mile treadmill run. I did miles 2 and 3 at a 9:10 pace so that made me happy. I have a race at Gring’s Mill (my favorite running place) on Sunday, so I’m super nervous and trying to prep for that. Even though it’s only a 5K.


July 28 (Tuesday)

Another afterschool NTC special. Did a different workout this time, and loved it even more than the one I’d been doing! Thanks, Nike!


Sock matching is on point.

July 30 (Thursday)

2 treadmill miles, plus a 1/4 mile walking cool down. Kept it pretty easy, but for some reason my legs felt sore. Hmm.

So that’s been my month. Compared to April-June, it’s a pretty solid month. I’ve had to adapt some for the baby and my “it’s my first baby and I’m paranoid” cautiousness, but I’m happy that I’ll still able to get a good sweat going. It definitely makes me a happier camper and gives me energy!

How about you? How’s your July been?


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