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Cheerios and the Treadmill

Running | December 14, 2016 | By

Hey. friends!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel like nothing is getting your attention the way that it should? Has it ever been your children?

I was having one of those days on Monday. Riley woke up earlier than usual. She didn’t nap well. I was exhausted from the weekend, although I can’t remember doing anything that would warrant me being so tired, except that baby #2 is sucking all my energy. I just couldn’t get my ish together on Monday. I was getting frustrated at myself for not being a super playful mom and getting impatient for Dave to come home. None of this was Riley’s fault, I just felt like I never got myself together for the day, you know?

Call it a SAHM Case of the Mondays. They happen to the best of us.

By the time Dave come through the door, I was on my own last nerve and tying up my laces for a desperately needed run on the treadmill.

But first, I found these treasures inside. Running now has a whole new set of obstacles. Winking smile


Here’s the thing about having a treadmill at home, particularly in the first floor guest bedroom. It’s convenient. Like, SUPER convenient. I don’t have to battle others for time on one or take precious time away from our night by driving to and from a gym. Plus, there’s the added perk that the bathroom is about ten feet away. (Convenient for all your UC needs)

The downside? Thirty minutes of “me time” isn’t fully for me. Riley has been going through a big all-mommie-all-the-time phase lately so every time I leave the room or even pass her to Dave, she cries (poor Dave). Fortunately, she didn’t cry this time, but she did keep crawling into the bedroom and while I usually don’t mind a cheerleading team, Monday was on of those nights where I needed to be alone and run and get everything out on the treadmill. I don’t know, maybe it’s pregger hormones? Regardless, the beginning of the run was not solo, with about three visitations and one brief bout in the bouncer next to the treadmill that she really did not enjoy. About a mile and a half in, I got frustrated asked Dave pointedly if he needed me to stop. When he said no, I shut the bedroom door (maybe a little too hard).

But I got another 2+ miles done distraction-free and it made ALL the difference. The rest of the night I felt like me and it was glorious. It was what I needed.

Unfortunately, I have not run since Monday. After we went to bed I started noticing lower ab pain and started worrying about baby. This happened last year when I was pregnant with Riley, but I don’t think it was until later on in the pregnancy. Yesterday I ordered a Gabrialla Support Belt for running that should hopefully help my stomach and my lower back. Thanks to the amazingness and free shipping of Amazon Prime, I should have it by tomorrow.

But don’t worry, I’m still getting some exercise in- I spent last night cross training with a snow shovel. I love this season!


Do you use running as your “me time” or do you find another way to de-stress? Do you ever say you’re going for a run, but take a nap on the guest bed instead? Not going to lie… it was a tempting thought on Monday! Smile


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