Running On Average

Our Newest Lil Runner

I know I’ve been away for a while, but pregnancy had me completely exhausted all the time that even writing seemed hard. But I somehow managed to run up until my due date! Smile Huge success in my book!
Anyway, I want to introduce to you the newest addition to our little family.

Meet Jordan!


Our sweet little boy was born 4 weeks ago on June 8, at 12:46 am measuring 19.5 inches long and 7 lb 6 oz. He’s so ridiculously cute and a pretty chill little guy and we are obviously in love.


Even Riley loves him and is taking her big sister role seriously! Although, that means countless attempts at picking him up. And trying to shove a pacifier in his mouth when he’s sleeping.


I am hoping to get back to regular blogging very soon, but two kids is a huge adjustment and we’re still getting the hang of it (especially with Dave back at work). But I’m loving it so far!


Talk to you soon!

Your most average runner – Jess Smile

Blog Updates

So as much as I would like to believe that I am still in my young twenties, jet-setting around the globe and running fast races, that’s not my life anymore. And will not be for a very long time, if ever again.

And I’m okay with that.



WanderlustRunning was created as a person who was just that: a runner with insatiable wanderlust. Now, I still am a runner with insatiable wanderlust, but my life is consumed by so much more now. Namely, a husband and children.

And I’m okay with that, too. In fact, I prefer it.


However it is creating some dissonance with my blog. I feel like a fraud writing under that title or, at the very least, like I am misleading anyone who might stumble across my little corner of the web. To remedy that and feel more true to myself, I’ll be rolling out a new blog title this week and will hopefully be giving my blog as a whole a makeover soon. But bear with me because I am a total rookie to all the technical aspects of blogging (despite having a blog for years).

I still plan to write about running and traveling, but I will also be writing more freely and comfortably about the rest of my life. If I haven’t run much, I won’t write about it. Because right now it feels forced and nobody wants that. It’s boring and awkward.

Hopefully these changes will allow me to blog, Instagram, and just generally feel more confident and legit in my work. I’m pretty excited to get them started!


So stay tuned and keep an eye out for some big changes!

I Want You to Meet Someone Special

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last thing I wrote about was my European adventure! I clearly have a lot of catching up to do, but for now I want to introduce you to someonevery special.

Meet my little baby girl, Riley!



European Adventure Part 2: Munich and Bavaria

Before I get into Europe: Part 2, I just have to say that Alaska was AMAZING.

And Dave and I are officially homeowners. NBD.

But now, back to Europe.

If you missed Part One, check it out here: Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Our next stop after Amsterdam was Munich, Germany. We took a flight in and then, after a bit of detective work and language guessing, we made our way on the train to our hotel. We stayed at another NH hotel and this one was even better than Amsterdam. Although there were two twin beds (pregnant me secretly enjoyed this), we were on the 12th floor and had a spectacular view of old city Munich.


July Workout Recap

Hi again! So I know it’s not technically the end of July YET, but Dave and I are driving back to Berks County tomorrow, so I won’t be doing anything except working and snoozing in a car.

With baby and starting Humira for ulcerative colitis (more on that later), my workouts have been super scattered the past few months. Like, some weeks I wouldn’t workout at all. Hello, dear pillow, my friend, let’s just snuggle….

Finally, in July I decided, all right, I want to start up again. I want a healthy and ACTIVE pregnancy. Especially since my probably too lofty goal is to run a marathon next June. So here’s a recap of July and my attempts to get back at it.

July 1-7 (Wednesday to Tuesday)