Running On Average

New Year’s Do Over

My 2018 got off to a rocky start. On New Year’s Day, we made the trek home from Christmas vacation visiting family that took longer than it should have due to traffic and accidents. When we got home, we were out of food, the grocery store was closed, and Target was out of sauerkraut. So I had to improvise and made an Asian-inspired PA Dutch “pork and sauerkraut” of sorts: freezer orange chicken with pork egg rolls.

It was also the first day of marathon training… but that got moved to the next day. Which worked out well enough, because Wednesday’s run was cancelled due to fasting in preparation for Thursday’s UC procedure (nothing like starting the year with a clean colon! hahaha)

So today is my soft reset. It’s not going to be perfect- I’ve already made mistakes- but I look forward to the opportunity to improve, to better myself, to stop making excuses and getting in my own way.

That’s the great thing about changing and becoming who we want to be; we can start whenever we want. A week from now, a month from now, or even just RIGHT now. If we want to improve, we can. And I do.

The last few months for me have been plagued by postpartum anxiety and I won’t even pretend that it is all behind me now. It’s still very present and on the forefront of my mind. Even the idea of change and a better year makes me anxious. But as someone once said, on the other side of fear lies freedom, right?

That’s all for today, but stay tuned for more details on my marathon training and my new year’s resolutions!

What are your goals for this year? Do you plan to make this your year? YOU SHOULD! Smile

The Cold, The Warm, and The Rain

I wrote an entire post and then deleted it. #EpicFail

Saturday it was still cold, but warm enough and with nice enough weather that I got to run outside. WOO!!! I did 13+ miles at a 9:51 pace. My goal was to keep a 10:00-10:20 pace, according to my training schedule, but the pace I kept felt really great. I didn’t get tired until mile 11.5, but I finished strong so I’m happy.

Starting the run:


I ran mainly on the roads, which were pretty clear except for some icy/slushy patches. I ran on the paths a bit, but they were pretty snow-covered so it was little agility game!



Getting Personal with My Insides

Because I know that those of you who read this blog, absolutely do it to hear me whine and rant about having ulcerative colitis.

But that’s what I’m going to do – right now anyway. I sort of feel like it’s taken oven a lot of my life recently and I need to vent.

Last time I talked about it, I told you that I got put on a new medicine that was so not working out for me. As a result I only took it two or three times and called it quits.

Two weeks ago, I called my doctor because my symptoms were still hanging around and my hair has been coming out like woah since about 2 months after I started Delzicol in the beginning of the year. He talked me into getting a flex sig (not explaining that, go Google it) to see how my colitis really was doing.

I felt so stupid having to go in for one, like he wasn’t going to find anything and I was just going to be a whining hypochondriac. Because my symptoms aren’t always that bad, but I’m just tired of dealing with them. Turns out, he was really glad I went in for the procedure and he’s surprised that I said I felt as good as I did because it’s worse than he (or I) thought. I confessed that I think I’ve just accepted things as “normal” that aren’t really and just felt like a whiney pants because I do have a disease and need to just get used to it. So turns out that none of that is true.

He told me I could stop taking Delzicol since I told him I feel better without it and I think it’s the cause of my hair issues. He prescribed me Uceris- a prednisone-like steroid without the crazy/bitch personality side effects. He also put me on a low residue diet for the next few weeks until our next appointment. That means only white bread and white bread products, rice and pasta (none of this whole wheat business), no raw veggies, only well-cooked carrots, asparagus and green beans, skinless, seedless tomatoes, well-cooked skinless potatoes, no sweet potatoes, only ripe bananas, peeled canned peaches, pears and mandarin oranges, up to 2 cups of dairy per day, no nuts, no seeds, no nut butters, no coconut, no berries, no dried fruits, no onions or peppers or garlic, no steak or tough meat, no lunch meat (which I don’t like anyway), only mild and well crushed herbs and spices.

It is such a boring diet. And it feels so unhealthy!! But the idea is to eat foods that are easy on the digestive tract and foods that will get mostly absorbed before they reach it. It is meant to give my large intestine a break so that it can heal. Soup is going to become my new BFF. With white bread to dip in it. I made a huge batch of chicken soup last night. (It was my first crack at it and I’ll share it later!)

My poor husband is largely doing this diet with me, although not completely because it wouldn’t be healthy for him, and he is completely on board with it. Whatever I do, he says he’ll do it with me and be there for me. I feel so bad because we got married less than 2 months ago, and this wasn’t supposed to happen…at least not already!

The doctor wants me to meet with him again in a month and talk about possibly going on biologic therapy, which I researched a little and honestly, it really scares me. It seems like it’s for people with severe active colitis and I really don’t think I fall into that category. Plus, the possible side effects just don’t seem pleasant. And although it’s such a low chance, it was mentioned that people on it are a fraction more likely to get lymphoma or leukemia (mainly lymphoma). It’s not even a side effect, just something that has to be stated, but I know too many people who have passed away from cancer, and that scares me so much. Dave did point out that letting it go and continue to flare increases the risk of colon cancer by more, but…I don’t know. That can be isolated and removed easier than cancer in your blood.

So I have been having some fantastic freak out moments the past few days. I’m not ready for a decision like this. Why can’t it just go away??!

How about all you lovely people? Have any of you been on biologic therapy for UC? What are your thoughts?

Stress, Meds, and Workouts

What’s up, runners and readers?!

Last week was a bad week, at least workout-wise. I went to the doctor’s office on Monday morning to get set up with a new doctor for my colitis. The other guy didn’t impress me at all and then I found out he retired sooo that solved that.

Anyway, I really like this new doc so far. He’s very personable and he explained SO MUCH about my colitis that I didn’t know! I told him that I couldn’t seem to get it quite under control, but it wasn’t debilitating or anything. So he told me to up my medication and put me on a new one to get me through and good for the wedding.

I took it Monday night. And Tuesday I felt AWFUL. I tried to run and barely made it 2 miles. So frustrating! So I didn’t take it Tuesday. Then Wednesday I felt a little better, but when I tried the treadmill, I was so slow and so tired…and I only got 3 miles.

Thursday I forgot my gym shorts so that was a bust. But I did get to participate in Moving Comfort bra fit clinic!

photo 1 (15)

Then Friday, I took my lunch break at the end of the day and Dave and I drove home to Berks right after. The weekend was busy, so no running.

So yeah, lame week of workouts.

But we got this!!

photo 3

The weekend was fun, though. First of all, I had my final dress fitting and BROUGHT MY DRESS HOME! Oh my gosh, I am so excited! Dave and I met with the DJ who we really like and seems to know how to handle a wedding and assured us that we won’t have to worry about the reception. I also went on a Joann’s shopping spree with my mom and Ronnie (and Dave, bless him) to make the décor for the reception. Hurray! Productive weekend!

Saturday night Dave, Ronnie and I went to Brinton Lodge’s Haunted House. It was creepy!! But super cool because it was totally different then the typical jump-out-at-you haunted house. Everyone got masks!

photo 5 (7)

Yesterday after work I got in a 3-mile run outside. I kept a 9:11 pace, which is pretty slow for me lately, especially only at 3 miles. But I have been so tired lately that I think it’s taking it’s toll on my workouts…and of course, the fact that I didn’t realize that I was wearing mismatching socks until I went to take them off. #fail

Today was chest and tris day! It felt awesome! Finally!

I was on my own for dinner tonight so I made eggs with pepper and onion and waffle iron quesadillas with salsa…thanks, Pinterest!

photo 2

I’m going to try the new meds tonight (it’ll be only the second time I’m taking them) and see how I feel tomorrow. Tomorrow is leg day!

That’s all I’ve got for now. There’s dishes at the sink I should really clean, buuuuuuttt my bed is calling pretty loudly. So tomorrow?

How do you decide if rest or exercise is more important?

A Brief Reprieve

I know I haven’t written in a few weeks, and there’s a simple explanation. When I decided to start this blog it was supposed to be about my running and traveling adventures. However, since then my colitis has taken on a mind of its own which makes my running stories redundant and whiny. I’ve considered pulling out of the marathon, especially after my last 20-miler where I averaged a 10:46 pace and kept doubling over with stomach pain and cramps. But I did finish the run and last weekend ran a 10-miler which an average 9:36 pace. Sooo onward to Knoxville?

All hail the taper!

Anyway, I finally got in to see a doctor on Monday and hopefully the medicine he prescribed will help and I’ll be feeling okay by next weekend. HOLY CRAP, IT’S NEXT WEEKEND.

Also, I’ve learned my lesson that I cannot NOT take medicine for extended periods of time.

So now I am just in panic mode until the marathon. A large majority of me is freaking about my stomach and the hills and being tired and keeping good time. But a small SMALL part of me is just like, “I got this. I’ve run a marathon before.” Confidence for the win? Right? lol

And for anyone who has tapered before, you and your loved ones understand this:

Run on, runners!