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Gring’s Mill 5K Recap

Running | August 4, 2015 | By

This weekend Dave and I went home to catch up with our families. We haven’t seen them since our trip to Europe (posts on that soon, I promise) and my parents’ trip to Alaska. It was an amazing weekend of food, family, fun, and of course…running!

Since becoming pregnant, I dropped out of the Rumspringa Half Marathon, Pittsburgh Half Marathon and the Hatfield McCoy Marathon at my doctor’s advice. I pretty much dropped off the running world for a little while because I was so nervous about hurting the baby and then because running hurt. It felt like my stomach was going to split down the middle sometimes! Turns out, that’s normal and perfectly safe for baby. Whew!

Because I haven’t raced more than a mile since the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon last year, I asked my mom if she would run the local Gring’s Mill 5K/10K race with me. It’s at Gring’s Mill, obviously, which is my favorite place to run. We did the race together a few years ago (she ran the 5, I ran the 10) and I LOVE it. It’s about 550-600 runners because even though it’s in August, it’s a gorgeous course, well organized with great food and prizes at the end.

She agreed and Sunday morning, we headed over to Gring’s Mill with Dave as our cheering section in tow.