Running On Average

July Workout Recap

Hi again! So I know it’s not technically the end of July YET, but Dave and I are driving back to Berks County tomorrow, so I won’t be doing anything except working and snoozing in a car.

With baby and starting Humira for ulcerative colitis (more on that later), my workouts have been super scattered the past few months. Like, some weeks I wouldn’t workout at all. Hello, dear pillow, my friend, let’s just snuggle….

Finally, in July I decided, all right, I want to start up again. I want a healthy and ACTIVE pregnancy. Especially since my probably too lofty goal is to run a marathon next June. So here’s a recap of July and my attempts to get back at it.

July 1-7 (Wednesday to Tuesday)


Big News!

Hey! Today I have a small(ish) post with some BIG news.

Are you ready?

Dave and I are having a baby!!



Pittsburgh Staycation and Sister Visit

The past 6 weeks have been so crazy, it will take me the rest of the month to catch up on here! But let’s start with my sister visiting. It’s a super long post, but stick with me. Let’s go!

On June 5th, Dave and I picked up my little sister (okay, she’s 17) and brought her to the Burgh to hang with us for a few weeks. It was epic. Ronnie is basically me, 11 years younger and we always have a blast together.