Running On Average

TBT to Turks & Caicos

Since I never wrote an actual post on Dave and my honeymoon to Turks & Caicos, I figured a Thursday is a perfect opportunity to throw it back with plenty of pictures and few words to the beachy bliss! (Especially since I’m home sick and could use some cheering up.)

We stayed at Ocean Club West, a mix of suites people own and rent. It had a perfect location right on the beach. The onsite bar/restaurant was perfect for lunches! Dave and I favored splitting a hamburger and drinking Orange Dreamsicles.

Our first day there was pretty rainy, but we did get in some good beach time. When it was pouring, we opened the the “Wedding Night” Bear Creek wine (from Homer, Alaska) my sister gave us, along with a basket of other firsts. This one was delicious!

Our Honeymoon 012


I Ran and Got My Green Thumb

It’s Monday once again!

I had a super productive and amazingly fun weekend. Friday, after a two-hour nap (oops), I cleaned the kitchen and ran some errands at Target and Sephora. Then came home, baked a frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizza and folded laundry while watching National Treasure. I live a wild life.

I bought The Art of Racing in the Rain at Target, but haven’t gotten to start it yet. Has anybody read it? Thoughts?

Saturday, I was up at 6:15 for no reason so I decided to get the day going. Started by having the breakfast of champions.


Then was out for a run at 7:30. It was a gorgeous morning for a run. A little warm and muggy, but I really enjoyed it. I did 3 hilly miles at a little under a 10-minute pace. It doesn’t seem far or fast, but I’m making a slow comeback I hope. I really enjoyed this run and it was the best I’ve felt during one in a while. I also made friends with an adorable golden retriever puppy!!



After my run, I had a slightly healthier breakfast. Balance.


Then got to work cleaning the house: dusting, vacuuming, straightening up, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. I was done by 10ish, so I de-stinkified and headed over to Bed, Bath and Beyond for some frames Dave and I had on our wedding registry. I wanted to surprise him with them when he got home. Smile

Best part of the day: Dave took an early flight and got home at 1:30pm instead of 10pm!! It was so so so great to see him! We spent the afternoon napping, then making Strawberry Filled Vanilla Rolls and buffalo chicken wraps for dinner and relaxed the rest of the day.


Sunday started by going to Mass and making the final decision to switch churches. I haven’t been a big fan of ours for a while, but the priest’s “homily” was awful. It was basically a beg for money, but in a very rude almost shaming way. The actual homily last the last 10% of the time, maybe. So we’re out. Time to find a new church.

Afterward, we split an iced latte from Get-Go (cut with regular coffee because it was grossly sweet) and made an actual breakfast of champions: bagel thins with cream cheese, turkey bacon and eggs packed full of veggies, eating al fresco in the beautiful weather.



We decided to get our green thumbs on and headed to Home Depot for a planting and flower adventure! It started to rain while we were out looking at all the flowers and I was just stupid giddy happy. The smell of dirt and rain= summer. We loaded up and headed home to create a little container garden on our back patio.



We have Shasta and African daisies, marigolds, some cute blue flowers, basil, cilantro, and sweet mint (I loooove growing mint). Aren’t the containers adorable?!




The weekend finished up with a BBQ at a friend’s house. I have no pictures of this, but it was great fun. Pretty simple with burgers, chips, roasted veggies, and a cheesecake (because why not?). The weather was so weird. It would be nice and sunny for a while so we’d be sitting outside then out of nowhere it began pouring so we all made a mad dash for indoors. It happened a few times! Haha

Now it’s back to reality. I do like my job, but man, I’d love the weekends to be longer!!

How was your weekend?

What’s your favorite flower? (Mine are Gerber daisies!)