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The Gateway Lodge Review

So it is absolutely gorgeous outside, but my body is just not up for the run so today is a rest day. Boo.

Good news for you, though! I am FINALLY getting my lazy butt around to post my review of the Gateway Lodge in Cooksburg, PA. In my last post, I talked about Dave’s and my romantic and fun weekend getaway to Cook’s Forest. We stayed in one of the Lodge’s Gallery Rooms.


While there were suites available for not much more, the Gallery Rooms are cozy and woodsy, in the original part of the Lodge…and they are located right above the restaurant (winning). They aren’t large and there is no television, phone, or cell service but those characteristics made me love the room even more. It truly was an escape.


Breakfast is included with your stay and every morning you have a choice of two breakfasts with a small appetizer. On Saturday morning we started with a grilled peach with yogurt and a scone. Then I ordered the waffles and bacon, while Dave ordered the egg sandwich on an English muffin. Everything is homemade- including the English muffins! We both had some amaaaazing coffee and Dave had orange juice.


After our adventures out hiking, there was an afternoon tea that included coffee, fruit and pastries. I had ALL THE COOKIES, coffee and half a banana (split with Dave).


While we ate snacks, we relaxed in the Lodge’s great room. There were super comfy couches, a great fireplace, a few tables and puzzles to do. It was very serene.


Our dinner was reserved for 6, so we headed over to the Lodge Restaurant for a little romantic dinner. We started off with some Reisling wine- a different brand, but it was pretty good. Although…spicier?…than I usually like Reisling.


We each had a salad starter then for dinner, I ordered chicken stuffed with wild boar, pepper jack, and spinach. On the side was roasted seasonal vegetable and almond basmati rice. It was so incredible.


Dave had pan roasted pork chops in apple cider reduction with fingerling potatoes and roasted seasonal vegetables on the side. We almost always split our dinners (at least share bites), and of course this dinner was no different. His meal was amazing as well. The chef is truly talented.


But of course we cannot forget about the dessert. Dave enjoyed a zucchini chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream, which was rich and delicious, but absolutely paled in comparison to my dessert. I ordered a peanut milk latte with two sugar doughnuts. OH MY WORD. I cannot even describe it. The latte was the best thing I have ever drank in my life, no lie. And the doughnuts (homemade, of course), we so fresh and light and warm. I was seriously in heaven. When I asked the waiter if he knew how to make the latte, he responded “The chef starts with peanuts and ends with a latte. I’m not sure what happens in between.” So the fact that he goes completely from scratch on every single part of his food preparation earned him giant points.


It is one of the best meals I’ve had in a long, long time. And I would go back there simply for the food.

The next morning, breakfast started with a sticky bun and a smoothie.


I had the blueberry buckwheat pancakes with sausage and Dave had eggs benedict. I will admit, that the pancakes were not quite my thing. They weren’t bad, but they were very moist and less fluffy than I am used to. Dave’s eggs were great, though! Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of our breakfast because we were too busy eating.

Here is a picture of the Lodge restaurant (kind of. I took it on the sly).


And here is my darling hubby on the front porch before we left.


Final opinion: this place is amazing. I would go back in a heartbeat. It is not a cheap place to stay, but it is worth every penny. Go book a room!

(All opinions are my own.)