Running On Average

Stress, Meds, and Workouts

What’s up, runners and readers?!

Last week was a bad week, at least workout-wise. I went to the doctor’s office on Monday morning to get set up with a new doctor for my colitis. The other guy didn’t impress me at all and then I found out he retired sooo that solved that.

Anyway, I really like this new doc so far. He’s very personable and he explained SO MUCH about my colitis that I didn’t know! I told him that I couldn’t seem to get it quite under control, but it wasn’t debilitating or anything. So he told me to up my medication and put me on a new one to get me through and good for the wedding.

I took it Monday night. And Tuesday I felt AWFUL. I tried to run and barely made it 2 miles. So frustrating! So I didn’t take it Tuesday. Then Wednesday I felt a little better, but when I tried the treadmill, I was so slow and so tired…and I only got 3 miles.

Thursday I forgot my gym shorts so that was a bust. But I did get to participate in Moving Comfort bra fit clinic!

photo 1 (15)

Then Friday, I took my lunch break at the end of the day and Dave and I drove home to Berks right after. The weekend was busy, so no running.

So yeah, lame week of workouts.

But we got this!!

photo 3

The weekend was fun, though. First of all, I had my final dress fitting and BROUGHT MY DRESS HOME! Oh my gosh, I am so excited! Dave and I met with the DJ who we really like and seems to know how to handle a wedding and assured us that we won’t have to worry about the reception. I also went on a Joann’s shopping spree with my mom and Ronnie (and Dave, bless him) to make the décor for the reception. Hurray! Productive weekend!

Saturday night Dave, Ronnie and I went to Brinton Lodge’s Haunted House. It was creepy!! But super cool because it was totally different then the typical jump-out-at-you haunted house. Everyone got masks!

photo 5 (7)

Yesterday after work I got in a 3-mile run outside. I kept a 9:11 pace, which is pretty slow for me lately, especially only at 3 miles. But I have been so tired lately that I think it’s taking it’s toll on my workouts…and of course, the fact that I didn’t realize that I was wearing mismatching socks until I went to take them off. #fail

Today was chest and tris day! It felt awesome! Finally!

I was on my own for dinner tonight so I made eggs with pepper and onion and waffle iron quesadillas with salsa…thanks, Pinterest!

photo 2

I’m going to try the new meds tonight (it’ll be only the second time I’m taking them) and see how I feel tomorrow. Tomorrow is leg day!

That’s all I’ve got for now. There’s dishes at the sink I should really clean, buuuuuuttt my bed is calling pretty loudly. So tomorrow?

How do you decide if rest or exercise is more important?

Just the Usual…

Hey, so what have you guys been up to?

I’ve just been over here…eating…

photo 5 (5)

and running…

photo 1 (11)

and eating…

photo 2 (13)

and running in my favorite weather and place…

photo 5 (4)

and playing fetch….

photo 1 (12)

and Eric Church concert going…

photo 3 (12)photo 5 (6)

and eating.

photo 3 (13)

That right there is baked ziti with homemade pumpkin sauce and cheddar cheese topping! Also pictured was homemade squash soup and veggies for dayysssss before they got roasted.

But in way more exciting news…


Which is why I’ve been so busy. Like, driving 10 hours to and from Reading EVERY weekend the past two months. We actually stayed in Pittsburgh this past weekend and this upcoming weekend and it feels so strange! I will have to share all my incredible stories about my engagement adventures, but for now, there’s coffee and Gilmore Girls on Netflix soo…

What’re you up to? I’m all ears!