Running On Average

A Brief Reprieve

I know I haven’t written in a few weeks, and there’s a simple explanation. When I decided to start this blog it was supposed to be about my running and traveling adventures. However, since then my colitis has taken on a mind of its own which makes my running stories redundant and whiny. I’ve considered pulling out of the marathon, especially after my last 20-miler where I averaged a 10:46 pace and kept doubling over with stomach pain and cramps. But I did finish the run and last weekend ran a 10-miler which an average 9:36 pace. Sooo onward to Knoxville?

All hail the taper!

Anyway, I finally got in to see a doctor on Monday and hopefully the medicine he prescribed will help and I’ll be feeling okay by next weekend. HOLY CRAP, IT’S NEXT WEEKEND.

Also, I’ve learned my lesson that I cannot NOT take medicine for extended periods of time.

So now I am just in panic mode until the marathon. A large majority of me is freaking about my stomach and the hills and being tired and keeping good time. But a small SMALL part of me is just like, “I got this. I’ve run a marathon before.” Confidence for the win? Right? lol

And for anyone who has tapered before, you and your loved ones understand this:

Run on, runners!

Miles and Burgers

Last Saturday, I ran 1.74 miles, got really, um, sick, walked a 1/4 mile home and cried to Dave for about an hour. He was going to go run errands, but said instead he would stay home and keep his cell phone with him so that if I got sick or needed to run to the bathroom I could call him and he’d pick me up and drive me home…and even drop me back off again if I wanted. He. Is. Amazing.
So I sucked it up and headed back out for 18 more miles, heading against some good wind, riding hills, and visiting a lot of porta-johns on the run. Hey, when you’ve got colitis, you gotta do what you gotta do. Even if it’s precautionary measures.
I’ve been rocking nuun in Strawberry Lemonade and Swedish Fish as my fuel for runs. The Swedish fish are hard to chew while running, but I’m working on it.


Also, I got a whole bunch of nuun samples from work. Excitement!

Love me some nuun samples

Love me some nuun samples

After my run, I showered and Dave and I went to Saturday night mass, then decided to walk and try a bar called Sauce for dinner (burger lovin). Every time I go to mass, I think about getting engaged. It’s kind of awesome. 🙂

Snazzing up for mass and a dinner date

Snazzing up for mass and a dinner date

There was even a burger called the Messy Jesse! Which Dave got and it was tasty. I got Guiness black and it was AMAZING. Also. The waitress said that I eat really really slowly. Yes. Yes, I know.

This past weekend Dave and I went home to look for wedding venues. We looked at 4 and the first 3 were all nice, but not suited for us. Luckily, number 4 was the jackpot! We also met with the priest and I got to show Dave my home church, where the wedding will be. So we now have a church, priest, reception venue, date and time. CRAZY!

We dropped my little sister off for set construction on Saturday and Dave and I, reminiscing our high school years, decided to see if the door to the roof was still open. Success.

From the roof of the high school auditorium

From the roof of the high school auditorium

Those were my adventures the past week, did you have any good ones?